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Welcome to Jamieson Creek

We were founded in 2021 on the edge of the Rockies. Jamieson Creek sources long lasting mugs, tumblers, and other accessories from a variety of artisans worldwide. Whether you're waking up, getting through the day, or settling down for the night, every sip should be something special.

Our Ceramic Mugs

Morning Coffee Never Looked So Good.

Each of our coffee mugs are constructed from the best materials and meet our high expectations.

Light weight, elegant but strong. Jamieson Creek is here to provide you the tools you need to enjoy your favorite hot beverage in style.

It won't matter if you are at home, on vacation, at the office or in the car, these mugs are built for everyday use.

We live and play in the mountains and wanted to provide a product that would withstand our everyday while still having the bold and elegant look of classic ceramic mugs. These mugs do just that, for yourself, or a loved one as a gift, there will be no disappointment, sip after sip.

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